The LDV brand is an iconic one; its strong origins as a much-loved British manufacturer were founded in 1993.

Since then the company has had many many highs and lows and sadly was disbanded in 2009. However, the story is far from over! In a fitting tribute to the many thousands of customers and dedicated and hardworking staff that built the LDV brand originally, it has been revived and will once again become a familiar sight on the streets across the UK and the world.















 SAIC Motor – a fortune 500 companybased in Shanghai – are responsible for bringing LDV back to life in 2011and making it the brand as we know it today. In 2014, SAIC produced close to6,000,000 vehicles for the domestic andexport markets, ranking it as the 7thlargest vehicle manufacturer in the world,producing vehicles for international brands such as VW and GM, along withits own iconic brands – MG and LDV. The LDV brand has now beenre-launched in a number of international markets and is making significant stridesin re-establishing itself in Europe andother countries worldwide.




 The Harris Group as one of Ireland’smost renowned vehicle importer distribu torswith over 50 year’s experience withinthe commercial vehicle sector in Ireland and the UK, are proud to introduce thenew generation LDV V80 van range fromSAIC Maxus Automotive Ltd. Harris Automotive Distributors, tradingas LDV U.K. & Ireland, as a member ofthe Harris Group, secured the import &distribution rights for LDV product rangein the UK & Ireland. Through our nationwide dealer networkit is our intention to re-build the LDVbrand with a strong focus on after-salesactivities thereby ensuring completecustomer satisfaction.



 Trust is a form of affirmation and the embodiment of strength.Consumers seek approval and affirmation, and on this basis, thecompany employs sincerity and trust to engage in continuousself-development and achieve operational goals.LDV relies upon SAIC’s strength as a Fortune 500 company,integrating global resources, benefiting from the many years ofcooperative experience by a world-renowned automobile company,and over 30 years of trust from consumers. Our highest goal is tocreate commercial vehicles that win the approval of the market andconsumers.


Technology is the motor of social development.Consumers employ advanced technologies to pursue their ideal lifestyles,as well as achieve greater lifestyle goals.Advanced technologies can comprehensively satisfy the specific needs ofconsumers, and become an indispensable companion in both their workand personal lives. This is the promise that LDV makes.


Ambition is the engine of sustainable development and the key tomaintaining a lead. Consumers are highly optimistic about the future andmaintain confidence, and believe that they can steer their own lives bymeans of continuous hard work.Demand, the market and technology all undergo continuous change intandem with social development. LDV, as a leading brand of commercialvehicle which is renowned internationally, is confident that it can graspthe mood of the market, and by means of continuous expansion,improvement, and innovation enables the brand to acquire endless vitality.